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Any business will not be able to operate cohesively without the presence of skilled employees. These individuals perform various duties in order to achieve a company’s business goals. It is always important to ensure that the employees of a certain business have the right qualifications and attitude when it comes to their work.

At CEI Staffing, we provide staffing solutions that can benefit both the employers and their prospective employees. Call us today at 866-676-3502.

  • For employers, we find and recruit highly qualified individuals according to your requirements.
  • For job seekers, we help you find employment in one of our client companies, depending on your skills and qualifications.

Our Services For Job Seekers

We believe that you are capable of achieving success in your chosen career. CEI Staffing will draw a direct path for your professional advancement.

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Our Solutions For Employers

We work with large companies, small businesses, and private practices. Let our recruitment specialists be the one to form your team!

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  • Administrative & Clerical

    The unique value of the right office professional to help your organization: Receptionist, Secretaries, Data Entry Clerks, and more.

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  • Clinical & Non-Clinical Healthcare

    A prescription for success in meeting the unique and complex staffing challenges faced by healthcare service providers: Nurses, CNA's, MA's, Coders, Transcriptionist, Billers, Medical Records Clerks, and more.

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  • Light Industrial

    Our clients turn to us for dependable, skilled and high performing talent: Assemblers, Material Handlers, Warehouse Staff, and General Maintenance.

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  • Information Technology

    We specialize in getting the right talent with the best credentials: Analyst, Help Desk, Programmers, and System Specialist.

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